• Why do you need a Pedorthist?

    We are trained with the specific ability to provide footwear and additional supportive foot care products to assist in the comfort of our clients.  The ability to receive accurate foot size measurements and to obain an assessment of foot needs by a skilled Certified Pedorthist is an apportunity to have more comfortable fitting shoes for healthier, happier feet.


  • Tired of Spending Money on Sore Feet?

    Sore Feet?  Althea's can help.


  • Open Saturdays

    Starting May 31, we are open Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. 


  • Dates to Remember:

    5/26 - Closed for Memorial Day

    7/4-5 - Closed for Independence Day

    8/30-9/1 - Closed for Labor Day

    9/3 - Annual Vendor Trunk Show in Everett

    9/4 - Annual Vendor Trunk Show in Lakewood

  • Making an Appointment is easy!

    Come in a see one of our experts to answer questions and assist with all your special footwear needs



  • Diabetic Footwear
  • Orthopedic Footwear
  • Custom Foot Orthotics
  • Shoe Lifts for leg length Issues
  • Shoe Repair
  • Resole Shoes
  • Diabetic Socks
  • Compression garments for legs, arms and hands


Easy Forms for your Footwear Appointment.  We have insurance forms, different Medicare forms, different DSHS forms, instructions for using Compression Stockings as well as Pedorthic Devices.  You can view, print, or save these various forms before your Footwear Appointment to make your time very efficient.  Please view our forms by clicking below.


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Hours:      9am to 5pm (M-F)

10am-2pm (Saturday)

About Us

Althea began providing orthotics in a medical setting over 20 year ago. She often saw people arrive frustrated because they were not able to find the shoes they needed to work with the orthotic that had been prescribed for their unique foot issue.

Althea quickly saw that the retail environment wasn't equipped to help people who were dealing with real foot pain and day-to-day challenges. She realized the retail shoe market was generally there to serve the masses with production line shoes and footwear products.

From experience, Althea knows nearly every one has variations in their feet; even if they aren't dealing with a major medical issue. She also understands how those foot variations can cause real problems and pain if not addressed in an appropriate way.

Althea decided she would open a shoe store to provide the perfect balance between the retail and medical component of foot care; effectively addressing each customer's unique needs and lifestyle. In the year 2000, Althea invested her time, energy and passion to this endeavor.

Fourteen years later, Althea now works with 14 dedicated and passionate employees including eight certified Pedorthist.


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